Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Is today MONDAY?

It started just fine. Today, that is. Got up. Had my coffee. Read my emails. Took my shower. And then while blow drying my hair....my blow dryer blew up! Yep. It sparked and popped. And then caught fire in my hand. I dropped it into the empty sink, unpluged it, and ran water over to put it out. It was kinds comical...almost. Just means it is time for a new one.

The game last night was pretty good. Vikings won. YEA! As I said to some friends last night...Monday night football, Vikings winning, beer battered dipped onion rings, garlic fries, cold beer....life is good! Oh and then the storm came. Of course it did. I called it, too. I washed my van yesterday afternoon and then send out a text to friends to let them know it would rain and it did. TOLD YA SO! And your welcome. lol!

I promised you some highlights of the weekend. I now have carpet in my living room. Woooohooo! This is a big deal. I've been without flooring in there for awhile. The old carpet had to be torn up and we weren't ready to put down something right away. Still don't know what I want, but this is a temporary fix. For now, I love it. Looks so much better than it did. They are carpet tiles. And it only cost me $10!!! Love treasure hunting.

Sami got a new ceiling fan in her room. She loves Tinkerbell and Disney princesses and Littliest Pet Shoppe, and.......I could go on and on. LOL It was one of the treasure I came across on Saturday while running around town. She's happy with it.

And poor hubby. His knee is still really hurting him, but he got the living room floor done, Sami's fan up, and even installed the floating shelves.

As a reward, I cooked dinner. That doesn't happen all that often around here these days. Busy household.

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