Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Miss me???

I miss you! I've been gone so much lately that I haven't been around to post. And when I am home, I'm so busy playing catch up that I don't get online to post. I'm sorry for neglecting you. I see you have been checking in to see what's been going on. Blog counter is either out of whack or I'm loved. I would like to believe the later. haha! Went from 200+ to 11,000+...yikes!

Tucson was pretty dead of a show. So was Phoenix this past weekend. It was fun. But fun doesn't buy the groceries or fill the gas tank.

I did get a couple pages done at CropaRoo this past weekend. Yea, it was so dead in the vendor fair I sat in the crop room on Sunday and played with product. :o) My friend, Surina, joined me and we had fun laughing and creating. I am so not a single photo a page kind of person, but I had fun playing around with these two pages.

I'm off to Vegas in the morning. I hope to see some LNS friends while I'm there.

Next weekend, it Glendale CKC. (waves to Lisa, Tabatha, and Rochelle) Looking forward to it, girls!

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